“POTUS fucked the party,” one Republican strategist who served as a senior adviser to Trump’s failed reelection campaign responded in a Wednesday text message to BuzzFeed News when asked how influential Trump could still be over the party after the Georgia defeats.

Pressed for specifics on how Trump had done that, the strategist replied: “Everything … killing independents and women out of the party.”

Asked later how bad the subsequent riots would be for Trump and his party, the adviser, who requested anonymity to speak candidly about a president who has threatened political retaliation against Republicans who don’t support him unconditionally, just said: “Bad.”…

“We need Trump to go away,” a Republican operative who worked on one of the Georgia Senate races told BuzzFeed News on Wednesday when assessing the president’s effect on the outcome. “The experiment failed. The coalition he’s created is not better than the one the GOP had.”