Legislators don’t much like legislating these days; the culture we’ve inculcated of politicians being more performance artists than agents of enacting actual policy means Greene isn’t exactly unique in her unseriousness. But Trump’s demagoguery had celebrity charm. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist demagoguery has social media smarts. Sen. Ted Cruz’s demagoguery has, shall we call it, just enough subtlety and sophistication not to offend the senses too wildly.

Greene has none, and if Republicans choose to embrace her, Democrats will gain a wildly powerful weapon in the war of whataboutism. Greene advances nothing but owning the libs, if you can call histrionic apoplexy over her delusions any sort of success, and she does not bring any sort of coherent policy agenda or popular appeal that can advance any part of the conservative agenda. If conservatives decide not to condemn and expunge a conspiratorial anti-Semite whose disregard for class or policy coherence is offensive to the intellect, we will regret it, and we will deserve it.