So, let us look at some of the “very special” people the President wants all of us to listen to — like the guy dressed up in the badger pelt, horns and face paint. Authorities say he’s a prominent QAnon crackpot and longtime Trump supporter. He was taken into custody on Saturday, charged with violent entry into the Capitol. I’m hard pressed to see what this malign Minotaur has to teach the rest of us.

Or how about the 60-year-old man from Arkansas, kicking his feet up in the office of the Speaker of the House? He left a “nasty note” for Nancy Pelosi and stole some of her mail. I guess he didn’t know that’s a federal crime. I’m not sure we should take any pointers from him either.

Then there’s this guy from Florida who decided to help himself to the Speaker’s lectern, smiling for the cameras as he absconded with it. He was arrested on Friday, charged with theft of government property. Before coming to CNN, I spent five years as a crime reporter, and it was an enduring truism that the dumbest criminals took photos of themselves with the stolen stuff.