The fact that this divorce may have been inevitable doesn’t make it any less tragic. For millions of Republicans who voted for Trump, the week’s events have been heartbreaking. Even formerly ardent supporters are now angry and disappointed at the president’s appalling lack of self-discipline. Smart Republicans value the populist appeal and fighting spirt that Trump introduced to the GOP. Trump himself, however, has outworn his welcome. His actions have tarnished his administration’s many positive accomplishments.

In hindsight, it was a mistake to believe that Trump in extremis would put the party or the country ahead of himself. Losing the election was a crisis that revealed the worst aspects of his character…

Trump has always been a fighter. From the beginning, his aggressive nature inspired him to sting his enemies, who were usually (though not always) Democrats. In the end, his enemies grew immune to his sting, so he began to attack his friends — all those trusting, Republican frogs. Now the frogs must dump the scorpion before they find themselves floating down the river with president’s maimed legacy.

Who knows? Maybe Trump will enjoy an afterlife as the leader of a third party in 2024, or perhaps he’ll remain on the periphery of politics as a kingmaker or gadfly. Either way, you can bet that he’ll go down stinging.

It’s in his nature.