But she saved particular criticism for the president, who had incited his supporters earlier Wednesday afternoon at a rally outside the White House. In those fiery remarks, Trump encouraged the crowd to march on the Capitol and told them that “you’ll never take back our country with weakness.”

“I’m disappointed right now,” Mace, who worked for Trump’s 2016 campaign, said Thursday morning. “I think that after last night — and I’m on my 100th hour of being a member of Congress, I’m working on about two hours of sleep — I’m distraught. We’ve got to rebuild our nation, and we’ve got to rebuild our party. This is not who we are. It’s extremely distressing. And it’s saddening. It’s heartbreaking.”

As for the president, “everything that he’s worked for … all of that — his entire legacy — was wiped out yesterday,” she added. “We’ve got to start over.”