There is no time for feeble “whataboutism.” Endorsing Trumpist lies and violence in the name of fighting leftist lies and violence is a road to ruin. The left has its share of radicals, but Joe Biden defeated them at the ballot box. They didn’t take over the Democratic Party, as they did the GOP. And you aren’t going to lecture me about the dangers of socialism when I’ve spent my life warning of its failures and terrors.

The best thing conservatives can do to hold off the far left is to deal with the rising far right. If Trumpists continue to dominate the Republican Party, the Biden administration won’t be able to withstand the pressure from progressives to fight fire with fire.

One clear-eyed look at the 2020 election results should convince conservatives that such a war would be destructive and unwinnable. Mr. Trump did better than the polls predicted, mostly because some Democrats pushed messages like “defund the police” to the fore. That the president lost anyway is a warning to anyone hoping to emulate his populist demagoguery.