Dating app companies confirmed that vaccination has become a hot topic on their platforms. On Tinder, vaccine mentions in user bios rose 258 percent between September and December. “Those who have gotten the vaccine are using their status as a way to spark conversation with potential matches about their experience,” Dana Balch, a Tinder spokeswoman, wrote in an email.

On OkCupid, those who indicate that they have already received the vaccine are being liked at double the rate of users who say that they are not interested in getting the vaccine, according to a spokesman for the app, Michael Kaye.

“Basically, getting the vaccine is the hottest thing you could be doing on a dating app right now,” Mr. Kaye said, adding, “What a world we’re living in. …”

And social media communities for the newly vaccinated (and those interested in being newly vaccinated) have quickly been established. One subreddit, r/Covid19VaccineRats, was created last month by Jamal Fares, a humanitarian aid worker in Beirut, where the vaccination has not yet begun. Mr. Fares said he started the group to combat rumors and misinformation about the vaccine. Over time, he expected it to become a social hub where people might read tales from and about the happily inoculated.