Passions are running high — which is why this is exactly the moment to allow them to cool. Allow the 12 days to pass in somber silence and reflection. Why burden the new president with a country even more deeply divided than it is now?

Many object to the term “TDS” — Trump Derangement Syndrome. But it rightly applies to anyone who can only see the bad things Trump has done, not his real and lasting accomplishments. Many with TDS have been raging about him since 2015, and the only thing they care about concerning those 74 million American citizens is that they come to understand themselves as stupid and/or blind.

Whatever the impeachment chorus is, it isn’t principled, it isn’t concerned with justice and it isn’t concerned with the future. TDS lives deeply within many of the proponents of rapid impeachment. Of concern for the country, well, concern for that part of the country they don’t inhabit, there is none. A shameful week finds ways to continue to fall off the floor.