The slow pace illustrates both the inert bureaucracy at public hospitals and de Blasio’s failure to get it moving. After seven years of his tenure, neither is a surprise.

Calling it a “management issue,” Cuomo told reporters the city hospitals “have the allocation. We want it in people’s arms as soon as possible.”

He threatened fines up to $100,000 and said from now on, hospitals must use all vaccines within 7 days, or lose it and risk being booted from the distribution system.

For de Blasio, the threats were a chance to play victim. He called the governor “arrogant” and accused him of targeting front-line workers.

“Does he think our health-care professionals are uninterested in vaccinating people?”

Well, that would seem to be the case, with the state showing that city public hospitals have vaccinated only slightly more than half of their own 23,000 eligible employees.