It’s getting awkward for many, because they’re having to do what Democrats, Independents, public health officials, foreign leaders, doctors, scholars, intelligence officers, senior cabinet members, junior government employees, and the press corps have tried to do since Trump sauntered into the White House: They’re trying to simply point out that the sky is blue.

That was evidenced outside the Capitol Tuesday where Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) was surrounded by more than 25 of his constituents. As the sporadic sound of car horns from a pro-Trump, anti-China caravan rang out nearby, Cramer fielded questions from his voters who both trekked to Washington to support the president’s latest Trump-sized myth and also to personally pressure lawmakers like Cramer to put personality, party, and power above all else.

After Cramer left the outdoor town hall meeting, The Daily Beast asked him how the conversation with his voters who disagree with him went. He was unfazed.

“They’re trying to pull me that way, but, as I say, you know, there’s two things: my conscience and the Constitution. And my reading of the Constitution and my reading of the Holy Spirit is, do the right thing and then explain yourself,” Cramer told The Daily Beast as he walked across the Capitol grounds. “I don’t have to persuade anybody. I just have to be able to sleep well at night.”