Hosts on news outlets and talk radio promised krakens, a coming storm, and told people to trust the plan. A mob stormed the Capitol looking to hang Mike Pence as a traitor on the words of Qanon anonymous accounts.

I just don’t think the conservative movement can get back on its feet unless there is an accounting for this stuff. I think the conservative movement needs to clean itself up. This is not something for the outside, the media, the left, or any one person.

There has been a sustained effort to lie to Americans and, in particular, conservatives and Trump supporters. Many so internalized it, they thought God would grant a miracle yesterday and keep Donald Trump as President. Some still think he is coming back. One Qanon adherent, on a chat board, speculated that like Jesus, Trump would return in three days. More than one pastor has told his congregation that Trump would remain as President because God willed it.

A political movement this unhealthy and this wedded to lie cannot and, frankly, should not survive.