Vice President-elect Kamala Harris argued in a new interview that it is crucial for her and President-elect Joe Biden to take their oaths of office outside on Inauguration Day, despite heightened security threats ahead of next week’s ceremony.

Asked why it was so important to continue the inaugural tradition of being sworn in on the West front of the Capitol, Harris told NPR on Thursday: “I think that we cannot yield to those who would try and make us afraid of who we are.”…

Both Biden’s inaugural committee and Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser have warned Americans to stay away from the inauguration, as the Capitol complex remains heavily fortified. The Washington Post reported on Thursday that all or most of the National Mall is expected to be closed to the general public.

Nevertheless, Biden has said he is “not afraid” to be sworn in outside, even as his inaugural planning team is reassessing its security planning in the aftermath of the Capitol siege.