“You become very self-interested very quickly when you’ve been charged by the Department of Justice,” said Elie Honig, a CNN legal analyst and former federal prosecutor. “Whatever political mission these people thought they were on while invading the Capitol, now that they might get locked up, they’ll point the finger wherever they need to. Political goals now go out the window.”…

At a recent hearing, a lawyer for Emanuel Jackson blamed Trump while arguing that he should be released before trial. Jackson, 20, of Maryland, was charged with five crimes, including assaulting law enforcement, after he was seen on bodycam footage hitting officers with a baseball bat.

“The nature and circumstances of this offense must be viewed through the lens of an event inspired by the President of the United States,” defense attorney Brandi Harden wrote in court filings, adding that Jackson attended the rally beforehand where “Trump roused the crowd” by telling supporters to “fight like hell” against lawmakers who refused to overturn the results.

At the hearing, Harden said Jackson had been unduly influenced by “some kind of propaganda,” and referred to several right-wing theories that Jackson embraced after Trump promoted them.