Maybe that also explains why Paxton filed his lawsuit. Maybe he thinks of it as mere legal lip service for a friend, not a serious case that will lead to anything actionable.

The rotten thing is that Paxton, and all the state attorneys general and members of Congress who signed the amicus briefs, are all abusing their offices to do it, which is its own low form of corruption.

Because sleaze isn’t always about indictments and crimes, although Paxton is well acquainted with those. There’s plenty of perfectly legal soft deceits in plain sight.

Like the basic act of enlisting government lawyers to make a bogus case to overturn an election, whether or not it’s in hopes of snagging a presidential pardon. Or, using taxpayer-funded staff to pump out press releases supporting the whole farce, to make it seem legit.

These are all official acts done for the purpose of currying favor with someone—Trump. No one is going to go to jail for it, but it sure is gross.