It’s amusing to watch conventional Republicans try to cling to the idea that Trumpism is about policy, or ideology, or something other than Donald Trump and his “attitude.” These people were happy to be complicit in Trumpism so long as they got their judges and nobody demanded that they break the law on Trump’s behalf. Now some of them find themselves up against the wall while guys like Ted Cruz look on nervously hoping that they can act butch enough that Trump won’t demand a loyalty test of them the way he has of Kemp and Ducey..

Meanwhile, Trump’s true believers—the sometimes drunk and always-viral misfit toys—have pledged to die for the cause of Trump’s fake fraud, called for martial law and suspension of the Constitution, and the shooting of a high ranking former Homeland Security official.

What Mitch McConnell and company don’t seem to understand is that this is the endgame: The MAGA cult no longer sees Democrats and the media as Enemy Number One. The Republicans who aren’t legally permitted to deny reality are now the big threat. And Trump is going to spend the next two—or four—years at war them.