For Trump’s actual campaign, however, the fight is for all intents and purposes over. The president’s political machine is still raising money, buying ads, and publicly insisting that it will fight on. But the futility of the effort is apparent in the campaign’s northern Virginia headquarters—the office that is supposed to be devoted to supporting and housing the legal crusade—which, knowledgeable sources tell The Daily Beast, has virtually emptied out.

“It’s a ghost town now, with people waiting for the end,” one person familiar with the campaign’s operations told The Daily Beast this weekend.

According to that source and another person familiar with the situation, a large amount of the Trump-Pence signs have been stripped from the walls of the headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The desks and memorabilia have been largely packed, thrown out, or removed from the office space too. Television sets, mounted to the walls around the rented 14th floor of the building, are being sold off for extra cash. Staffers’ belongings are even more thoroughly cleared out now than when the campaign was in the immediate aftermath of the downsizing last month.