The media has rightly pushed back against the president’s actions and the dangerous game his legal team is playing. But for the past two years, the media has endorsed and encouraged Ms. Abrams’s campaign to undermine election integrity in Georgia and across the country. Some outlets cast her as some kind of heroine.

Many media outlets have rightly highlighted that the Trump campaign has provided precious little proof of its voter-fraud allegations. Yet for two years, few asked the same of Stacey Abrams. Through all this, confidence in the integrity of American elections suffered.

It is understandable that many Trump supporters have trouble believing the media when told that the November election was secure and reliable. For four years, mainstream media outlets put enormous effort into convincing the country that Mr. Trump teamed up with the Russians to steal the election, with no more evidence than the Trump campaign is presenting now. Newspaper pages and cable-news airwaves were filled with unfounded and unsupported claims that the president was a Russian agent.