Chicago has a large Hispanic community, and it can differ in its voting patterns from other Hispanic areas in the country (see the 2016 Democratic primary). In Ward 22, nearly 90% of the population is Hispanic.

Biden easily took Ward 22 by 73 points over Trump. Again, though, that’s down from where Clinton’s margin was in 2016. Clinton won Ward 22 by 84 points over Trump.

Lawrence, Massachusetts, about 80% Hispanic, is another northern area where Trump outperformed his 2016 baseline. Trump lost the city by 48 points in 2020. That’s a poor showing, but it’s considerably better than the 67-point defeat he suffered in 2016.

The Lawrence result stands out for a secondary reason: Trump vastly underperformed his 2016 performance in Massachusetts overall. Trump lost the state by 33 points in 2020, while going down by 27 points in 2016. That shift away from Trump was larger than in any of the states discussed above. Trump lost ground in every county in Massachusetts and in every other municipality in Essex County (where Lawrence is located).