In a technical difference involving process, Justices Alito and Thomas believe the court is technically required to allow the suit to be filed first; but after that, they would likely have reached the exact same conclusion as the rest of the court on the matter of standing, and they agreed with the remaining justices that Texas’s claims did not merit any other relief.

Texas filed a totally unworthy lawsuit, which even its own solicitor general (the lawyer who usually represents the state before the Supreme Court) did not endorse. The Supreme Court gave the suit exactly the curt denial it deserved.

What remains mystifying is why GOP officials in 18 Republican-leaning states, along with over 100 Republican House members — including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who would like to be speaker someday — lined up to back an absurd legal theory that, if successful, would have invited blue states, through lawsuits, to dictate how red states govern themselves.