DAVID FRENCH: We all watched what happened in the “Jericho March” in D.C., which included Eric Mataxes and other Christian leaders. What we saw there was, uh, not normal, what you would call normal Christians involved in politics or normal involvement of Christianity in politics. We saw was dangerous fanaticism.

This is something that I think people need to be aware of. What we’re dealing with is a subset of Christians who support Trump, certainly not all. I don’t think most. But a subset of Christians who support Trump, who believe that God has a very specific call on his life and that any intent — any effort to stop him from having a second term is demonically inspired, it’s Satanically inspired and it’s breeding this degree of fanaticism, this degree of religious fanaticism that I think could have real danger. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that we saw violence later that same night. This is something that needs to be addressed squarely and directly and condemned squarely and directly, including by Christian leaders who supported Donald Trump.