A YouGov survey reveals that two in five (40%) voters believe that there is a war on Christmas actively taking place in the United States, while a similar number (45%) disagree. But, as with many elements of American life, whether you see a war on Christmas is divided by partisanship.

Close to three quarters of Republicans (72%) agree that Christmas is under attack. Meanwhile, most Democrats disagree (69%) that there is a war on Christmas taking place, with three in five (62%) saying they strongly disagree with this notion.

It’s worth noting that a 2018 YouGov poll found that 39% of Americans believed there was a war on Christmas while 33% disagreed. While that 2018 survey was conducted without political weighting, it shows that a similar number of Americans overall (40%) believe there is a war against Christmas today, and slightly more (45%) disagree. In other words: If there is truly a war on Christmas, it’s been around for a couple years.