The poll found that 52 percent of likely voters think the absence of Hunter Biden coverage was intended to boost the campaign, while 32 percent considered it a partisan hit job and 17 percent are unsure, Rasmussen Reports said on Tuesday.

An even higher margin — 56 percent — said it’s “likely” the elder Biden was consulted about his son’s business with Ukrainian energy company Burisma and ties to China, and perhaps profited.

Forty-three percent say it’s “very likely,” 38 percent said it’s “unlikely,” and 22 percent believe it’s “not at all likely” — rates that have remained consistent with a poll in October.

A whopping 76 percent of those who have been “very closely” following the news believe the media ignored the stories to help the president-elect, and 72 percent of that group also think the former vice president “likely” knew about and profited from his son’s dealings.