Perhaps if authorities would give us real, workable guidelines for how to protect ourselves, we’d see a decrease in spread. Instead, every time the numbers go up, politicos wag their fingers at us as if we are naughty children, even as most of us do our best to follow the self-contradicting, intelligence-insulting rules.

It would be so much more effective if the politicians told us: “Don’t wear your mask outdoors, when you’re not near anyone, but do wear it in close quarters with people indoors.” But they don’t say that, presumably thinking a hard, always-mask line is best. People stop taking the whole thing seriously.

It’s not just masking — it’s all of it. We’re tired of nonsensical rules and a relentless assault on our way of life. The continual ­focus on the positive test numbers seems like a smokescreen at this point. New York’s hospitalization and death rates remain low. In fact, our case numbers are in line with those of states like Florida, where everything is open. Why continue to follow a failed policy of closures?