In a TikTok filmed in August outside of a women’s health center in Charlotte, N.C., the uncensored version of the mid-1990s novelty rap song “Short, Short Man,” by Gillette blares: “Eenie weenie teenie weenie shriveled little short, short man.”

The camera is focused on a middle-aged white man in sunglasses, who is holding a poster depicting what appears to be a fetus with the word “abortion” printed on it. The caption on the video reads, “don’t worry, the volume was turned all the way up so he could hear :-)”

This is just one of a series of viral videos by Alex Cueto, 19, an abortion clinic defender with the organization Charlotte for Choice. She posts videos of her confrontations with abortion protesters on TikTok as @alexthefeminist, to a large audience. The “Short, Short Man” video, which was filmed outside of A Preferred Women’s Health Center, has over four million views.

More well known is the TikTok in which Ms. Cueto recites the lyrics of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s bawdy hit “WAP,” while an opponent of abortion reads the Bible outside the clinic.