WSB then ran footage of Gray reviewing the video with a Georgia Secretary of State investigator and the state’s election chief, Gabriel Sterling, who has called out President Donald Trump for fueling violent threats against state officials and blasted the president’s rambling, 46-minute Facebook election rant as “looney tunes.”

Georgia election investigator Frances Watson elaborated on what the full video revealed.

“We can show. yeah exactly when [the ballot boxes] were placed under there,” she pointed out.

“If we go back in the video hours before, you can see that table being brought into the room at 8:22 a.m. Nothing underneath. No hidden suitcases. Then we can see at 10:00p.m., with a room full of people, including official monitors in the media, as ballots that have been opened but not counted are placed in the boxes sealed up and stored under the table,” Gray reported.