Bolton said, “Yeah, I think this is another appeal by Trump to this base he sees out there. He has now embarrassed many, many Republicans, including the two Republicans running in the runoff election in Georgia on January 5, who supported the bill after signals from the administration that it would support the compromise.”

He continued, “It shows why Trump is not a conservative. Just to come out and say, ‘Let’s go to $2,000 payment per person, $4,000 for a couple.’ Look, Trump doesn’t care what it does to the deficit or the national debt. It’s not his money. It’s like the socialist formula, giving away other people’s money. It’s a stunt. He hasn’t actually said he would veto yet. Maybe he can be talked of it. But it’s the kind of destructive action on his way out of the presidency that shows why he was never fit for it to begin with.”