Now that the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware is confirmed to be examining Hunter’s taxes, it looks like Fox and the New York Post were right to pursue a story that has taken a more serious turn. But while the New York Times and Washington Post ran substantive pieces yesterday, some in the media are dismissing it as a distraction.

There’s plenty we don’t know. But we have known for years that Hunter Biden has struggled with finances and addiction, and that he was trading on his family name by trying to do foreign deals in industries where he had no expertise. The degree of Joe Biden’s knowledge of these entanglements, despite certain emails and accusations by one Tony Bobulinski, remains in dispute…

And that brings us back to the land of political hypocrisy. Will the liberals who cheered on Bob Mueller now support the naming of a special counsel for Hunter Biden? And will the conservatives who joined Trump in decrying the Mueller “witch hunt” say there should be no independent prosecutor for the incoming president’s son?

Don’t hold your breath. The Hunter Biden story will be with us for some time, and that poses a challenge for media people who until now wanted to sweep it under the rug.