Now, you can see the three main brands of Never Trumpers – the active traitors (think Bulwark), the weakhearts (think Mitt), and the Establishment-curious squishes (think Nikki) – all angling to get back into power. The Treason Caucus is gone – there’s no coming back for the cruise ship conservatives. The weakhearts think they have a shot, but we’re going to purge them out as the wheels of justice grind on (Mitt best take a job as Assistant Undersecretary of Hair Care and Miracle Whip in the Biden admin if he wants to avoid getting humiliated in his next primary). It’s the squishes who are the real issue, and who the Establishment will try to foist upon us if we are not vigilant.

Hi, Nikki Haley.

Here’s the test – at the end of the day, do you ever see Nikki or anyone like her risking the wrath of the WaPo by full-throatedly defending us? Do you ever see any them ever telling the Establishment to pound sand? A while ago, Nikki posted a pic of her smiling with John Brennan – yeah, that John Brennan. Now, all of us understand that you cannot be a conservative and cavort with John Freakin’ Brennan. But not her. No, when confronted with this insanity, she responded: “I can’t control who I sit on a panel with. I can control how I communicate America’s strengths and our path forward. That is what I did. [heart emoji, flag emoji]”