During the pandemic, Trump has relied on an emergency public-health authority to turn migrants around at the border. Biden hasn’t said whether he will repeal this fail-safe, but he will come under intense pressure to scrap it.

Biden will move on all fronts to loosen immigration controls. He has promised a 100-day moratorium on deportations, a measure that would keep us from removing illegal immigrants even when they are released from jails after committing crimes. This is presumably a step toward restoring Team Obama’s policy of gutting interior enforcement.

He will restore DACA, the de facto amnesty for illegal migrants who came here as minors that Obama lawlessly imposed by diktat.

Biden will propose to Congress a broader amnesty for more than 10 mill­ion illegal migrants. If the Senate balks, as is likely, Biden will be tempted to follow Obama’s (and Trump’s) example and implement as much as possible through his own authority.