Empowering Texas in this case just empowers progressive states to do the same later. The mere filing of this case sets a dangerous precedent. Ultimately, however, the Supreme Court is unlikely to give Texas what is wishes and Ken Paxton perhaps will not get his pardon.

I’m really tired of the Republican Party beclowning itself for a losing candidate out of fear for that candidate’s voters. That is all this is and delusions of fools notwithstanding, despite all sorts of stupid arguments being wrapped in pomp and “equal protection” phraseology, the election is over and Joe Biden will be President-Elect officially next week.

Guys, come on — you’re just going to spark crazy to violence at this point. The election wasn’t stolen and most of you know it and those of you who don’t know it need to, at some point, realize you’ve been lied to. And frankly, Ken Paxton needs to work on repentance for a whole lot of stuff.