Meanwhile, Trump underperformed his party. He lost states he won in 2016, and he might have lost the popular vote by a wider margin than he did in 2016.

This is baffling to many of the president’s most committed supporters. For them, Trump is bigger and better than the GOP. How could Republicans survive when he didn’t? Some even think this is proof the election was “stolen” from him. How could Republicans do so well when Trump didn’t?

Because the election was about him.

One reason many of Trump’s biggest fans love him is that he “owns the libs.” As Donald Trump Jr. said on election night, “We cannot only keep making America great again, but we can make liberals cry again!”

Among the myriad problems with this juvenile attitude: It invites a backlash. Democrats turned out in massive numbers not to vote for Joe Biden but to vote against Donald Trump. Trump, not Biden and not Kamala Harris, energized the Democratic base.