Nancy Mace, who flipped a seat in South Carolina, told me about her victory: “It’s clear that voters want conservative women in leadership across the country. I’m grateful, humbled and eager to represent everyone. People want a new ‘Nancy’ in Congress who stands up for Parris Island, wants lower taxes, more jobs, re-opening our economy and true fiscal conservatism.”

Mace, a graduate of The Citadel, served in the state legislature.

Lisa McClain, a businesswoman and now congresswoman-elect from Michigan, shared with me: “Republican women did well in House elections because we can appeal to a broad base of the electorate. The Democrats have liked to characterize the Republican Party as the party of old white men. This is proven wrong by the number of Republican women elected to the U.S. House. From open seats to challenging Democratic incumbents, it was a phenomenal night for Republican women.”

While The Squad champions progressive policies such as “Medicare for All” and the Green New Deal, the new Republican women are offering more traditionally conservative policies. And their platforms won in their districts.