“What a campaign needs to do to staff one statewide recount, let alone multiple recounts, is overwhelming,” said Benjamin Ginsberg, a top Republican election lawyer who served as national counsel to Bush’s campaigns.

“Bush v. Gore was one state. We put out a call and hundreds of lawyers, political operatives and many others responded,” Ginsberg said. “Even with that, it taxed the Party to its limits to do just one state. It is at best unproven that the Trump campaign can command the sort of infrastructure they would really need to pull this off.”

The President is not the only person questioning the strength of his legal team. Many in the top ranks of the White House are questioning why — given Trump’s explicit vow to challenge the results in court — more of a legal apparatus wasn’t in place before Tuesday.

The blame is heading in multiple directions. Trump himself has told advisers his campaign staff should have anticipated the need for more seasoned campaign lawyers. But others are accusing Jared Kushner, who oversaw the campaign from his White House position, of failing to identify this critical gap.