“Most conservatives, we’re not going to riot on the streets,” Edward Valera, 38, told BuzzFeed News about the possibility of Trump losing. He added, “If he loses, he loses. It is what it is.”…

“My life, it wouldn’t be much different,” Patrick Hill-Tarves, 20, said of a Trump loss at the Miami rally. He characterized his first MAGA event as “interesting” to see people of different ethnicities and backgrounds coalesce around the same cause: Donald J. Trump. If he lost, Hill-Tarves said, “there’s definitely some certain groups of people that would benefit and some segments that would riot and get mad.”

“I still hope for the best here,” ChristyAnne Bare, 24, also of Florida, said when asked about the possibility her candidate doesn’t win. Bare said she wants Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be successful leaders if they are elected but she’s not sure “what’s to come.”

Mara Young, who’s originally from Panama but now lives in Miami, feels the same way.

“Well, we’ll keep going,” Young, 46, told BuzzFeed News. “We’ll keep going and we’ll see what happens. But I hope that he will win.”