There is no doubt that mail-in voting is less secure than in-person voting, and the way the vote-counting has played out in the Blue Wall states and Georgia — with Trump leading early, then pauses in the counts before resuming with Biden making huge gains — inevitably fuels suspicions.

But the contours of the count track with the larger pattern of the vote. Trump encouraged his supporters to vote on Election Day, and these same-day votes are counted first, while Democrats tended to vote early, which are counted later.

In Arizona, the dynamic of the count has been different, with Biden establishing an early lead and Trump closing in with the late ballots. That doesn’t mean the state is being stolen for the president.

Of course, any credible allegations of irregularities should be tracked down, and the more transparency, the better. Republican election observers should be especially vigilant in locales such as Philadelphia, where the Democratic machine has a well-earned reputation for shady dealing.