Trump put down Philadelphia. The city got payback.

But ask Philadelphians about when things turned sour with the president, and many will point back more than two years, to his abrupt cancellation of a traditional White House visit for the city’s beloved Eagles football team after its first ever Super Bowl victory in 2018.

In this city with a penchant for deeply held civic grudges, trash talk and impolitic celebrations of its rivals’ travails, where Crisco slathered on telephone poles to prevent climbing is a sign of impending revelry, the blocks around City Hall on Saturday began to resemble the famed Super Bowl parade of 2018.

Chest-pumping pride spilled out, with expressions of enthusiasm for Mr. Biden, the former vice president, often overshadowed by feelings of vengeance toward Mr. Trump.

“Philly knows how to stand up for itself, and love us or hate us, this is what we do right here,” said Rob Cancel, 37, as he joined the celebration outside the city’s convention center on Saturday sporting a red “Bad things happen in Philadelphia” T-shirt. “We come out, we show up and we show them who we are. We’re a strong, strong, proud people.”