Yet what they’re talking about is a fraud of enormous proportions. It would require coordinating hundreds of thousands of additional votes across multiple states, including Georgia, which has among one of the most pro-Trump governors in the United States.

If anything such as this operation were to be pulled off, there would be a lot more evidence. It wouldn’t boil down to people claiming, “Hmm, this looks suspicious.” Or, “LOL, like Detroit and Philadelphia wouldn’t steal an election!”

Given that the evidence that fraud cost him the election in multiple states is nonexistent, if current trends continue, Trump will have no plausible way to convince courts to throw away enough votes to erase Biden’s margins.

Democrats for years have spun all sorts of scenarios about Trump somehow refusing to leave office. But what we are witnessing is not a successful coup attempt in the making.

What we are witnessing is somebody who is too insecure and weak to be able to stand up and admit that he’s been defeated.