“It has been like a roller coaster,” said Margot Wallstrom, who was Sweden’s foreign minister until last year, including when Trump mysteriously warned his supporters “you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden.”

“It’s erratic behavior from the president and his team,” Wallstrom said, “so you never know how this might end.”…

“You had people working in the White House, all the way up to the national security adviser, who would sometimes be completely surprised by decisions the president had taken,” said Boris Ruge, who was Germany’s deputy ambassador in Washington until last year.

Once, Ruge said, he was at the White House discussing Iran policy when there was a “substantial” announcement from the president on the Iran nuclear deal that people working on the file weren’t aware of. “At the end of the day, on a whole range of issues, you could not be sure of U.S. policy until you had heard it from the president himself,” he said. “That was different.”