Biden advisers view Trump’s legal and PR efforts as a comedy of errors. They watched in bemusement as Rudy Giuliani held a news event in Philadelphia near a porn shop, in the parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping (after Trump had to tweet a correction that the event would not take place at the high-end hotel). The first person Giuliani called to the podium to lodge baseless vote fraud allegations was a convicted sex offender, POLITICO reported Monday. And David Bossie, the adviser Trump tapped to oversee the campaign’s legal challenges, just tested positive for the coronavirus.

In the meantime, the Biden transition is largely behaving as though it’s business as usual. Biden gave public remarks on the coronavirus pandemic on Monday and the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, both times standing behind a podium and in front of a background bearing logos that read “Office of the President Elect.” He’s held phone calls with a handful of foreign leaders. And his transition announced the names of hundreds of officials who will be working on “agency review teams,” aiming to get the transition process started across the federal government, even though the team cannot access departments and agencies until the head of the General Services Administration affirms Biden’s victory.

Other transition steps are also proceeding apace. Louisa Terrell, a Biden transition aide focused on legislative affairs, reached out to Democratic chiefs of staff on Capitol Hill this week to share details on everything from communication to inauguration without mentioning the ongoing delays in the formal launch of the transition process.