As for Trump’s GOP critics, they should think very, very hard before they cast their ballots on Election Day, as Republicans usually do — and appropriately so. (What part of “the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November” is unclear?) Trump’s defeat might yield their much-craved “return to normal,” as network anchors calm down and congressional Democrats stop screaming “Russia! Russia! Russia!” Presumably, Trump’s Twitter machine would cool it, and his voice would fade into the background while he designs a beautiful, very special presidential library.

And, the invoice for this Never-Trumper dream come true would land in early 2021, as Trump’s GOP detractors discover that Joe Biden will not inaugurate a New Moderation. Instead, as Never Trumpers suffer buyers’ remorse, Biden will reveal himself as the gateway drug to even harder-left policies and personnel. These neo-Marxists will spend at least four years systematically dismembering everything that Never Trumpers have held sacred since their days in College Republicans.

Meditate deeply on that, then vote accordingly.