This is all very diplomatic, but there’s no doubt about what has American business on edge, and it isn’t the possibility that the local women’s Republican club is going to take to the streets if Joe Biden wins in a landslide.

No, the risk is that left-wing rioters are going, as is their wont, to rampage through America’s cities if Donald Trump wins a second term. There are certainly malefactors on the right, who should be called out and shunned, and it’s disgraceful that Trump has spent so much time preparing the ground to argue that he’s been cheated if he loses.

Yet the left has the numbers, the proven penchant for violence (up to $2 billion of property damage this year so far) and the intellectual enablers to put parts of America on crisis footing in anticipation of its possible shock and upset after Nov. 3.

Trump’s most fervid critics have been expecting a coup with such certainty that they will treat a Trump electoral victory as if it is one.