Many of the president’s supporters were swayed by his blizzard of disinformation that illegal voting had been rampant and election officials were suppressing a Trump victory. They envision a Democratic White House that would kowtow to leftists, give up the fight against China and embolden rioters and looters…

Jessica Bell, a Trump voter in suburban Philadelphia, said, “we are locked and loaded” because she sees the country headed for civil disorder.

“I have my TV on the news 24/7,’’ Ms. Bell said. “I have my phone in my hand keeping up with social media. I’ve gotten about six hours of sleep since Monday. I’ve been watching very, very closely.”

She cited reports on social media and Fox News in support of her belief that the election was hijacked: black Sharpies given to Arizona voters made ballots invalid; Republican poll watchers in Philadelphia were not allowed to see the counting; Nancy Pelosi controls the company supplying election machines in Nevada.