But issues in the unofficial vote counts in Michigan’s Antrim and Oakland counties were caused by human error, not software glitches, according to reviews by the Michigan Department of State, county clerks and election security experts. Officials concluded that they were isolated cases that did not signal wider issues with vote counts elsewhere.

And in Georgia, software issues only affected how poll workers checked-in voters in two counties and delayed the reporting of results in another. The issues did not affect the counts…

Both counties relied on election-management software made by Dominion Voting Systems. That led conservative publications like Breitbart and The Federalist to falsely suggest that the mistakes were with Dominion and could mean wider issues in Michigan and in Georgia, where counties that used similar Dominion software experienced hiccups.

In Georgia, only one of three counties that had problems, Gwinnett County, tied the issues to Dominion, said Harri Hursti, an election security expert on the ground in Georgia. Those issues delayed the reporting of vote counts but did not affect the tallies. The other two, Spalding and Morgan counties, had issues with the systems that check-in voters at the polls. Those so-called Poll Pads were made by a company called KnowInk.