In Arizona, Jorgensen has more than 50,000 votes, with 98% of total votes counted. Biden leads Trump by fewer than 15,000 votes. In Georgia, Jorgensen’s total is nearly six times Biden’s lead. In Wisconsin, it’s nearly double, and in Pennsylvania, it’s almost the same story.

All of this has led to a bit of meltdown on both sides of the aisle, complete with the ever-inane debate over whether third parties “steal” votes from major parties. But the important fact is that a crucial segment of the public does not buy into the “binary choice” theory of elections. Does this really come as a surprise when the two main parties keep producing unacceptable candidates as their nominees?

No party or candidate is entitled to your vote, or anyone else’s for that matter. If you want the votes that straddle between Biden’s key state margins, you have to earn them. And further, maybe the reluctant persistence of the Libertarian Party is a sign that Republicans really do need to cater to that vote. On foreign policy and criminal justice reform, Trump is likely the most libertarian candidate of my lifetime, but he embraced blowing out the national debt even when the economy was thriving, rejected the entitlement reforms required to curb an incoming debt crisis, and refuses to dismantle the surveillance state that spied on his campaign.