“Libertarian voters could have swung the Electoral College by at least 22 votes by supporting Trump in battleground states Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada,” political strategist Ryan Cassin told Fox News. “By throwing away their votes, they’ve likely become spoilers for the Trump reelection effort.”

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker pointed to his state specifically as a place where Jorgensen’s vote tallies exceeded the margin between Biden and Trump. “If it holds,@LPNational candidate got 38,000 votes in Wisconsin and margin between @JoeBiden and @realDonaldTrump is less than 21,000 votes,” Walker tweeted. The Associated Press called the state for Biden on Wednesday, with a difference of less than 21,000 votes remaining between Biden and Trump by Friday evening. Meanwhile, more than 38,000 voters cast their ballots for Jorgensen, according to the AP’s election results…

Jorgensen herself has brushed aside the idea that third-party candidates take votes from the two major parties.

“I don’t consider it taking votes, because those votes belong to the American voters,” Jorgensen told CNBC. She added that her party’s research indicates that most of its support in elections comes from independents and first-time voters.