And that is exactly it. Joe Biden could have gotten the landslide election victory the media foretold, so why didn’t he? Because the American voters didn’t want to give it to him. Instead, he may eke out a victory that, despite Nancy Pelosi’s claim, is far from a mandate.

In keeping with a long leftist tradition, the Democrats treated the elections like a plebiscite against Trump. But let no one be fooled: It wasn’t Trump that bothered them but the Right, especially the Right that says what it really thinks about freedom, education, or life. They went up against him just as they did with George W. Bush, with bitter personal hatred as their weapon. However, hate is a good destroyer but a bad builder.

Our democratic systems agree that most voters vote against something. It’s about avoiding a greater evil. And yet, that is almost never enough to win an election. Getting rid of Trump is not a big enough reason to vote for someone as nondescript as Joe Biden and to bother supporting someone as extreme as Kamala Harris. Elections, after all, are won, not lost. The Democrats bet everything on Trump losing, but that’s not enough for them to win. They wanted change, but few Democratic voters could calmly answer the key question: Change to what?