Tapper began by throwing some crumbs to Trump supporters, “It is the end, the end of a tumultuous presidency, a time of some accomplishments, no question, a time where many Americans throughout the country and in shuttered steel towns and rural America, they felt for the first time, they felt heard, which is important.”…

“It has also been a time of extreme divisions. Many of the divisions caused and exacerbated by President Trump himself. It’s been a time of several significant and utterly avoidable failures, most tragically, of course, the unwillingness to respect facts and science and do everything that can be done to save lives during a pandemic. It has been a time where truth and fact were treated with disdain.”

It was also, according to Tapper, “a time of cruelty where official inhumanities such as child separation became the official shameful policy of the United States. But now the Trump presidency is coming to an end, to an end, with so many squandered opportunities and ruined potential, but also an era of just plain meanness.”

Finally, Tapper concluded, “It must be said to paraphrase President Ford, for tens of millions of our fellow Americans, their long national nightmare is over.”