Team Trump is telling its supporters that if they donate, they can secure a Trump victory. That’s not going to happen. Instead, if you donate, you will be paying Trump’s old unpaid bills and also his millionaire lawyers.

If you fund his “Election Defense Task Force,” you are funding a PAC called “Save America,” Trump’s recount account, the Republican National Committee’s main account, and the RNC’s legal proceedings and headquarters accounts. Ultimately, where does all this money end up? Much of it will pay Trump’s lawyers, which include Giuliani. It will also be used to retire campaign debt, according to the “task force’s” fine print (since revised).

And when the RNC and the Trump campaign spend money, an inordinate amount of it goes directly to Trump.

Giuliani, Trump’s lead lawyer on recounts, has a history of milking Trump for millions. “Giuliani has bragged to other Trump allies that he has made millions of dollars since the president took office,” the Washington Post reported.