If the church is going to move past this present division—and if our culture is going to knit back together—the prodigal sons will have to return. Person by person, in relationship by relationship, the people who broke, who failed, and who sinned will have to repent of their wrongs (the “never apologize” ethos of the new, angry right may ultimately be its most destructive legacy). But the remnant will have to make its own choice. Choose the father’s path and heal our land. Choose the older brother’s path, and we are lost.

There are men and women in this age who’ve proven they’ll tell the truth when the truth is hard to tell. They’ve demonstrated their kindness in a cruel age. Time and again they resisted the urge to indulge in evil means to achieve virtuous ends. But God willing there is another test to come.

If the prodigals come home, can the remnant forgive? We’ll see.