Maybe Democrats should stop assuming that they have African Americans and Latinos locked up, and stop reflexively labeling all opposition to any aspect of their agenda racist. Maybe they should recognize that Americans of all races, creeds, and colors own small businesses or dream of doing so one day and don’t see capitalism as an inherently cruel and unjust system. As I discuss in today’s Morning Jolt, maybe Democrats should realize “socialism” is not a winning message among Cuban Americans, Venezuelan Americans, Nicaraguan Americans, and Colombian Americans.

Maybe Democrats should look at the deranged accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, and the claims that Amy Coney Barrett is some sort of Handmaid’s Tale religious extremist, and realize that to at least half the country, they look unhinged. Democrats are never going to be the pro-life party, but maybe they can treat pro-lifers with respect and inch back towards Bill Clinton’s “safe, legal, and rare” philosophy.

Maybe Democrats should speak up in defense of law-abiding gun owners every now and then.

Maybe when people riot, Democrats should call it a riot. Maybe when a city has been poorly run for a long time, Democrats should say so and demand better results.